We are a non-partisan voter engagement campaign designed to increase civic participation and leadership development in the Black Community of Minnesota.

Anika Robbins, BVM Founder

Assuming your Role as an Unapologetic Tax-Paying Voter


“I’m not really political” something I used to say-even as recent as 1 year ago-although I’d been engaged in civic engagement for at least 10 years prior. My first election was in 2007 to help elect President Obama. When he won, I remember how proud and hopeful I was that my vote counted. It was an exciting time to be alive, to see the first African American become President of the United States. 


After that, I became involved in local campaigns. But I quickly realized the need for ongoing voter education. People were turned off by political tactics, namely: only hearing from candidates during campaign season to ask for money and votes. Beyond that, there was no further engagement, no rapport developed, and no invitation to participate in governance. 


People of Color have not been issued an invitation to participate in their government, nor do we need one. However, if you’re not familiar with the process or know where to start, it can be intimidating-and that’s by design. Black Votes Matter MN has made it our cause to inform fellow citizens of their right to participate. And while, we would love to see more of us voting or, running for office, there are other ways to plug in, support and let your voice be heard. 

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For Office of Mayor, City Council, Park . Board and Board of Estimate & Taxation

Ranked Choice Voting: Easy as 1-2-3!




Rank the candidates in order of preference on the ballot - 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice. The more you rank, the more power your

ballot has.

Your second and third choices matter! But they will only be counted if your first choice is eliminated.

Do not mark the same candidate twice. Do not mark more than 1 candidate in any column.

Minneapolis, MN - The National NAACP will host a news conference Saturday December 7th  to unveil its “Twin Cities Economic Inclusion Plan (EIP). 



Hosted by Minnesota's state and local chapters of NAACP, the report’s findings and recommendations will be presented to the public by the National NAACP, Minnesota/Dakotas Area State Conference and the Saint Paul and Minneapolis NAACP Chapters, at a free meeting from 1:00pm to 2:30 pm Saturday, December 7th at The Minneapolis Urban League’s Glover Sudduth Center, 2100 Plymouth Avenue North in Minneapolis.

While Minnesota is often cited amongst the ’top places to live’, African Americans experience a different reality that includes glaring disparities in housing, education, health, criminal justice and access to economic opportunity. The report will highlight key findings and share specific recommendations to eliminate the disparities. Funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, the report builds on research launched in 2018 at an Economic Summit hosted by NAACP with key policymakers and stakeholders. 

Speaking at the afternoon meeting will be Marvin Owens, Jr., Senior Director, National NAACP Economic Programs and NAACP National Deputy Chief Development Officer; William C. Jordan, Jr., President, NAACP Minnesota/Dakotas Area State Conference, and President, Rochester Chapter NAACP; Farhio Khalif, President, Saint Paul Chapter NAACP; and Leslie Redmond, President, Minneapolis Chapter NAACP.  A light lunch prepared by the new Golden Thyme Restaurant and Café will be provided


Yusef Mgeni, Vice President, MN/Dakotas Area State Conference NAACP

mgeni@q.com  or 651 226 4357




NOVEMBER 2, 2021