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There is significant interest in this year’s municipal elections! Early voter turnout in Minneapolis is unprecedented this year, and will likely continue through Election Day. Voter referendum questions for both the Minneapolis and St. Paul ballots have the potential to transform establishment politics and bring about bold change. 


Black Votes Matter MN has continuously published its annual voter guide for over 4 years now. We produce and distribute this complimentary guide, as a courtesy, at no charge, to our readers and Candidates. Our work is solely supported by donations and grants. We do not receive financial support from political campaigns or interests. As a non-partisan entity, we strive to present clear, accurate, balanced information, from the lens of our constituency, for our constituency. This, and other criteria at our discretion, determines what and who we publish. Constraints associated with time, cost, capacity, and limited hard copy space, are also considered. While we cannot feature a full candidate profile for every single candidate running for office this year in Minnesota, we are providing a full listing of candidates - for whom we could find publicly available information - for Minneapolis and St. Paul elections.



Black Votes Matter MN (BVM) features limited candidate profiles and candidate mentions in the Voter Guide, largely due to constraints associated with time, cost, capacity, and limited hard copy space. Several factors are taken into consideration when choosing whom to feature as a full candidate profile and candidate considerations. 


Here are some of the main factors considered when choosing which candidates to profile, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Incumbent status

  • As a nonpartisan organization, BVM features the lead candidate from each of the major two US political parties where applicable

  • Party delegate votes

  • Endorsements

  • Political platform compatibility with demonstrated district values -- considers previously elected representatives, activism, demonstrations, key issues, etc.

  • Popularity

  • Funds raised

  • How racial disparities impacting Black communities are addressed

While BVM is unable to publish full profiles for each candidate, we encourage voters to become familiar with everyone who has filed to run for elected office. That is why, this year, we are pleased to include a full listing of names, photos and websites for all candidates running for mayor or city council in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Additionally, voters can visit to learn what all is covered on their ballot and to look up the full listing of candidate filings.

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J. Deebaa Sirdar

Guest Editor, Black Votes Matter MN

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Black Votes Matter MN Editorial Policies


NOVEMBER 5, 2024



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