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Brooklyn Park Voters Will Elect First Black Mayor

Minneapolis & St. Paul Elections 2022

When Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson decided not to run for reelection, after serving just one year due to the 2021 special election, Brooklyn Park residents voted among three familiar candidates in the Primary Election on August 9th . All three candidates happen to be Black. Wynfred Russell and Boyd
Morson both currently serve on the Brooklyn Park City Council, and both gave up their seats on the Council in order to run for mayor.

Despite not sharing the same city council background as Russell and Morson, the third familiar candidate, Hollies Winston, may be the most recognizable to Brooklyn Park residents. Winston lost the special election in 2021 to then candidate Lisa Jacobson in what was the closest election in the history of the city. It all came down to one vote. Upon a proper recount, rightfully requested by Winston, the results came back – it turned out two votes, in favor of Jacobson, determined Brooklyn Park’s new leader.

Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city in Minnesota and is comprised of about 30% Black residents. Proportionally, Brooklyn Park is the second most racially diverse city in the state for its population of Black residents, second to its sister city Brooklyn Center. Representation on the Brooklyn Park City Council could face a significant shift - along with the shifting of ward boundaries as a result of redistricting, and Russell and Morson deciding not to seek reelection.


Hollies Winston emerged from this year’s Primary Election as the forefront candidate garnering 55% of
the votes. Wynfred Russell finished second with 27% of votes, while Boyd Morson picked up 16%.
Winston and Russell will advance to the ballot on November 8 th when Brooklyn Park voters elect their
first Black mayor.

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J. Deebaa Sirdar

Guest Editor, Black Votes Matter MN


NOVEMBER 5, 2024



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