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Democracy or Chaos? Democracy is Under Attack... Who will Defend it?

Minneapolis & St. Paul Elections 2022

January 6th was a culminating activity during the 2020 election cycle. In several capitals across the country, many Americans had to check their resolve to determine America's commitment to the concept of the rule of law, and the process of democracy. 


As this nation was formed, delegate Benjamin Franklin was asked a simple question of a newly minted citizen of the United States as she asked, "What kind of government do we have Dr. Franklin?" he replied: "A republic, if you can keep it."


Even with its flaws and contradictions, the Constitution clearly centers the free will of the individual as the focal point of society and its governance. This idea, coupled with the clear responsibility that the people must work together in order to create ‘a more perfect union’, has established the norms, development and vision for how we must evolve. Democracy ensures society can move forward with the will of the majority. 


The 2022 Midterm Election is much more important than 2024. Critical individuals, such as Secretary of States, Attorney Generals, and local election officials are selected. Through the proper administration of our laws and rules, ensuring all Americans can participate in this wonderful experiment called America, they are tasked with protecting the republic and our democracy. But this can only happen if you participate. 


The free will of society has been challenged for most of this century. We citizens, particularly Black people in America, who not long ago weren’t allowed to participate in the process, must raise our collective voice and push back the temper tantrums of a handful of citizens. We must fight to maintain self-rule and governance. 


Sam Cooke reminds us "a change is going to come." The only question is what does that look like? Without your participation, change looks like the 1950s, or worse. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams, even as progress comes slowly.  The arc of justice bends towards righteousness. But only you can ensure that happens through your vote on November 8th! 


Brent Buckner

Guest Editor, Founder


NOVEMBER 5, 2024



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