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Minneapolis: Are you ready to rank your vote this November 7?

Ranking your ballot 1-2- 3 gives you more choice and more power – and it’s so easy!


You’ll be voting for mayor, city council, Park Board and Board of Estimate and Taxation.


Simply select a first-choice candidate in the first column, a second-choice candidate in the second column, and a third-choice candidate in the third column. That’s it!


Identifying second-choice and third-choice candidates isn’t required, but it’s smart. Your backup choices matter, and will be counted if your first-choice candidate doesn’t make it through the early rounds of counting, until one candidate reaches the winning threshold

Ranked Choice Voting combines the municipal primary and general election, saving you that extra trip to the polls in early August. If you mark only your first choice and that candidate is defeated early in the race, it’s like voting in the primary and sitting out the
general election.

And remember: Selecting the same candidate in all three columns doesn’t benefit you or your favorite candidate.

It’s the same as only voting in the first column. Once you’ve got your #1 choice, identify two candidates you could also accept and rank them #2 and #3.

Happy Election Day – remember, Rank Your Vote 1-2- 3 on Nov. 7!

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NOVEMBER 5, 2024



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