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Terry White - Ward 8

Age: 46

Race: Caucasian

Family: Wife & 2 boys aged 10 & 12

Career: For last 11 years I have worked in healthcare marketing as a project and operations manager

Education: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri - Columbia

Hobbies: Chess, reading, writing, hiking, camping, baseball & meditation




Police Accountability: Non-violence is a core value of mine and the Green Party. It is one of the reasons I am drawn to the Green Party. They recognize that violence damages everyone involved. I think publishing the age, race, and gender of people being stopped by the police is an important first step towards more police accountability, but that is only a start. Non-violent conflict resolution needs to become the standard approach. We agree that police require the mental tools to handle stress in their jobs. A good number of them are probably suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The lack of mental health support makes them a risk to themselves and the community. To build the bridge between the police and the community, we need more officers from within that community. As it stands, only 8% of officers live in the city. Finally, I’d like to see a strong civilian review board in place for police misconduct.


Jobs for POC: My approach to creating jobs for people of color is two-fold. First, I think the city needs to purchases goods and services from as many local and minority-owned businesses as possible. City contracts need to stipulate that suppliers owned by people of color are hired. A socially responsible scorecard will be developed to track progress and ensure that the city’s choice of partners reflects its values. Second, I favor partnering with investors and nonprofits to provide loans to help people of color start businesses. These loans would be fee-based, which means the investor would not become owner of a company. This system would lower risk for the investor and spur investment. The city could help pay these fees. Investors and nonprofits would provide guidance with regard to business plan development and management support.


Education: There are overlapping agencies responsible for education of K-12. The school district has its own board and budget. The state also provides funding and then there are federal regulations as well. The city can help parents by ensuring the areas around schools are safe and that parents have affordable housing which allows parents to provide stability and security for their children. I think the city has a role to play assisting people with childcare so that they can further their education or develop job skills. Offerings at Minneapolis Community & Technical School should be expanded to provide necessary job development skills on a sliding scale basis. 

Andrea Jenkins - Ward 8

David Holsinger - Ward 8


Race: European-American/Caucasian

Family: 2 dogs Izzie and Hurley

Career: Reeher LLC

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Government from University of Notre Dame; PhD from University of Wisconsin Madison

Hobbies: Running, walking, sci-fi and avid reader.

Platform: Reform our police department; Transit and Infrastructure; Taxes


Police Acct: “I was a supporter of the proposal that required police to carry individual liability insurance.  That will be really critical to ensuring there is accountable behavior.  So that those who behave inequitably are held to task for it.” 

Jobs for POC: “I think there has been a lot made of the $15/hour minimum wage, but I don’t think that does anything to supply additional jobs.  In fact, there is evidence that it can cause unemployment.  I think that what we need to do is finding better jobs, providing opportunities for more skilled jobs, instead of making bad jobs pay more.

Education: “I think education needs to be a little more at the discretion of parents.  I think we place a high set of expectations on public schools and I don’t think that for every child or every set of parents they are necessarily the best options.  So I would like to help the city through the state and give the parent the opportunity to figure out what works best for them.

April Kane - Ward 8




NOVEMBER 2, 2021