WARDS 1-13

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Joe Kovacs - Ward 7

Janne Flisrand - Ward 7

Teqen Zea-Aida - Ward 7

Age: 41

Race: Afro-Colombian

Family: Single; no children

Career: Semi-retired; Owner of Vision Modeling Agency and Owner of City Wide Artists Gallery; Entrepreneur since age 19

Education: High school graduate; On the job 

Hobbies: Living life authentically and with intention; devotee to PBS; watching MSNBC; art; antiques; culture

Platform: Equitable approach towards creating a new business plan and making sure that it happens.


Police Acct: “I stand for complete police review and necessary reform.  I do not believe in the militarization of our police force. We need to have greater police engagement.  We need more beat cops, who are just out walking and talking to people, in a comfortable, non-threating way, in order to build trust and respect and an approach of togetherness for our city.”

Jobs for POC: “The number one problem in this city, is lack of access for people of color to quality jobs.  We know that even the Fortune 500 companies have an issue with retention, especially for people of color.  Going back to the issues of crime, going back to the issues of rampant disenfranchisement, disengagement, it all goes back to equitable access to quality employment.

Education: “According to data that is out there, charter schools generally only favor homogenous, socially and economically a group of people.  We know due to the data, that the charter school system hurts children of color and children of immigrants. I stand strongly and firmly for public school education.  But I believe there needs to be a review of our public school systems, in the Twin Cities and specifically here in Minneapolis.”

Lisa Goodman - Ward 7

Age: 51

Race: Caucasian

Family:  Divorced, stepson Max, dog Sadie

Career: Incumbent for 19 years; Former Executive Director for Minnesota NARAL; Worked on campaign for Senator Paul Wellstone.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Labor Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hobbies: Protection of animals; cooking; movies; founded the non-profit Dog-Grounds; gardening; hiking; antiquing, spending at her farmhouse with her Goldendoodle Sadie

Platform: Housing is a Right; Economic Development; Access to Parks and Infrastructure


Police Acct: “I believe that we need to have full accountability in the system and clearly increased training in the areas of procedural justice and implicit bias.”

Jobs for POC: “Clearly we have incredible disparities in this city.  So, our work needs to be focused on places where there is need.  I don’t believe in corporate welfare.  I voted against the stadium and I have consistently supported programs that put resources into job training and economic development for those in need, which unfortunately is targeted at people of color.”

Education: “I am a product of public education, so I think education is a critical issue, but, given the independent nature of the school board, I believe we need to be working with the elected officials on the school board to increase educational attainment and graduation rates.  I think that it is important to get at kids at the earliest ages, prior to kindergarten to make sure they are ready to go to school.”




NOVEMBER 2, 2021