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Raeisha Williams - Ward 5

Age: 35

Race: African American/Cree Native American

Family: Single; 4th Generation Black Minnesotan

Career: Public Relations and Marketing

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Howard University; North Community High School

Hobbies: Government Relations, Strategic Planning, Community Organizing; Project Development

Platform: Education, Community Engagement; Affordable Housing and Ownership, Economic Development, Safe and Thriving Communities


Police Acct: “Police Reform and higher practices of community policing

Jobs for POC: “We more jobs with higher quality of life in terms of paying.  We need all the jobs that Comcast, USBank and Target have that don’t require a college degree. We need more community outreach and job fairs.”

Education: “I am a huge supporter in community school.  I want to see Minneapolis community schools come back to greatness. I would love to see magnet programs excel to what they once were.”

Jeremiah Ellison - Ward 5

Age: 27

Race: African-American

Family: Single

Career: Visual Muralist

Education: High School

Hobbies: Read

Platform: Community Safety; Economic Development; Full Accessibility to investments and developments.:

Advance Economic Opportunities; Understanding history and responding to our local context; Affordable public transportation; Creating a just system; healthy communities; full accessibility to investments and developments.


Police Acct: “When it comes to being on city council, I think it is important that we do not mislead people.  City Council does not get to tell people what to do, but what we do is have a big say in budget negotiations.  As a stance, I am 100% for police accountability and how we make sure police are in general collaboration with us, so they can be a part of our community strategy and not a hindrance to it.”

Jobs for POC: “We talk about jobs like they are this far away thing, that someone is supposed to gift to us.  But, we know that we have entrepreneurial talent right here on the Northside.  I think we need to teach people how to maintain and support our entrepreneurial talents so that we are providing our own jobs.”

Education: “This is where coalition building is a huge strength.  Inter-governmental relationships have been sorely lacking.  We do not have any inter-governmental relationships happening here on the Northside, and whereas those things are pretty common in many other parts of the city.  Figuring out the city’s role in how we equip the school board to boost educational opportunities for students over north is extremely important.”

Cathy Spann - Ward 5


Cathy Spann has not responded to

several attempts to call or email.

Blong Yang - Ward 5

Councilmember Blong Yang did not respond to several

attempts to call or email, even after an in-person meeting.

*To learn more about the candidates and their platform, join us at the 5th Ward debate, Tuesday October 3 at The Capri Theater 2027 West Broadway Ave N, Minneapolis at 5:30pm. For more information, call 612.670.6355




NOVEMBER 2, 2021