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Phillipe Cunningham- Ward 4


Age: 30

Race: African American

Family: Married

Career: Senior Policy Advisor for Mayor Betsy Hodges; Former Special Education teacherEducation: Studying for M. Ed in Youth Development Leadership from the University of Minnesota.

Hobbies: Vegan Cooking, gardening, dancePlatform: Breaking intergenerational violence and breaking intergenerational poverty in my community


Position: Police Acct:“Police accountability is really core of what we need to be focusing on especially around healing and reconciliation with the community. The way you can describe the relationship with the community and the police is really an abusive relationship. The community needs to be involved with setting the standards and expectations of behaviors for officers to begin rebuilding trust.”


Jobs for POC: “We need to definitely be talking about this topic specifically outside of just job creation. Because we need to be focusing on equity, which is providing folks with the support that they need, not the quality that everyone gets the same resources. So, where I feel we can grow with jobs, particularly for people of color in Minneapolis is by allowing folks to create local small businesses, that then hire people from the community, introducing a virtual cycle of equal opportunity.”


Education:“My heart as a former special education teacher and youth worker for years, the city does not have jurisdiction over the schools like it does in some other cities. I really want to see the city step up from a youth development perspective by proposing policies, resources, programs, procedures etc., that are age appropriate and center around racial equity and how we are providing education for our folks, particularly in North Minneapolis, where, we have seen so much divestment.”

Stephanie Gasca- Ward 4


Age: 32
Race: Latina American
Family: Daughter, 9 and Son, 14

Career: Communications Director for an organization, Centro de Trabajeros, Unidos en Luncha, “Center For Workers United in Struggle (CTUL)”

Education: High School Graduate, Some College

Hobbies: Dance, spending time with kids in summer times (amusement parks, traveling, swimming)

Platform: Police accountability; Access to healthy environment for all community members; environmental racism Living Wages, Violence in the Community, Safe Affordable Housing, Police Accountability


Police Acct:
“The city of Minneapolis has a lot to do when it comes to police accountability. There have been several community members who have been murdered by the police. We are spending a lot of money at the city and the state level on things that are not necessarily working. We need to take a critical look at the
budget at the city level to see what is working and what is not working to hold police accountable.”

Jobs for POC:
“Through my organizing work at the school, we played a huge role in the raising the minimum wage to $15 in Minneapolis. We played a huge role in passing paid sick days in Minneapolis and in St. Paul. I was an organizer, organizing fast food workers to fight for paid sick days. When it comes to people of color, we have to have access to jobs that are paying living wages and offering workers the benefits that they need to fully take care of their families and live healthy lives.”

“As a mother of a 9th grader at North High School and a 4th grader at Emerson Spanish Emersion, education is something that is huge to me. The Minneapolis Public School district has its ups
and down just like any other district, but I have always been committed to organizing around the issue of education and have been very involved in the education of my children, because we are our children’s best advocates. We are facing some the worst disparities in the nation with students of color across the board.”

Barb Johnson- Ward 4


Age: 67
Race: Caucasian
Family: Husband Danny, 3 adult daughters, 5 grandchildren

Career: Registered Nurse

Education: Associates of Arts in Nursing

Hobbies: Former Girl Scout Leader

Platform: Public Safety, Environment Housing, Economic Development, Livability


Police Acct: “I believe strongly in police accountability and our responses to citizens’ concerns. I have encouraged constituents who have problems with the police or the system to file formal

Jobs for POC: “Well this is a huge issue for our community due to the huge disparities in employment rates. I have supported educational opportunities at Summit Academy, Rise, also Emerge for Job Training for people of color. That is one of the most important problems that we have”.

Education: I also see education as a place where we need continuous improvement in our communities. I know many parents are disappointed with some of the challenges in our schools and I want to be supportive to people as they make decisions for their children’s education”.

Dana Hanson- Ward 4

Age: 29
Race: Caucasian
Family: Single

Career: Paralegal

Education: Bachelor of Science in Political Science; Paralegal Studies; University of Wisconsin Madison

Hobbies: Singing Karoke, Sewing, Crocheting

Platform: Crime and Police Relations; Livability Issues (neighborhood nuisances)


Police Acct:
“I think they need to be absolutely held accountable. I think that goes further than what is the
protocol. We need to be really looking at whether the protocol itself is correct of not.”

Jobs for POC:
“I don’t know that I have a firm position on that. Obviously, everyone needs to work, and make a livable wage. But, I don’t know how much further I can go on that right now.”

Education: “Education is probably the building block and the foundation of everything else. As we get older and the opportunities that are available to us. So, I think it is extremely, important.”

*To learn more about the candidates and their platform, join us at the 4th Ward debate, Tuesday October 3 at The Mastery School 4021 Thomas Avenue North, Minneapolis at 6pm. For more information, call 612.670.6355




NOVEMBER 2, 2021