WARDS 1-13

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Will Jaeger - Ward 12

Harrison Bullard - Ward 12

Andrew Johnson - Ward 12

Age: 33

Race: Caucasian

Family: Married to Sara Vine

Career: Incumbent; Former IT Systems Engineer

Education: Degree in Communications from Normandale Community College; Some College University of Minnesota- Political Science

Hobbies: Spending with wife enjoying nature.

Platform: Small Business; Public Safety; Environment; Racial Justice and Equity; Transit; Labor and Workers; LGBTQ Issues, Airport Noise; Primary focus is on represent Ward 12 and constituent service, making sure the needs of Ward 12 are met.



Police Acct: “I think we have a significant amount of work to do around that.  I push this idea of a quality assurance team that will proactively review body camera footage.  Then, would be able to highlight what the officers did well and what they can do better and then incorporate that into ongoing coaching and professional development.  I think it is very important that we do that proactive work. Every call center does that with their agents and I think we should do that too with policing.”

Jobs for POC: “I am a strong proponent of supporting programs that help recruit, attract, train, retain, people of color across a variety of different industries. I think we need to greatly diversify our tech sector.  They are high paying jobs, which is predominantly white men.  There is a lack of people of color and women in tech.  So, there is an opportunity right there.  The more we get kids involved with programming, the more we teach adults the computer skills, I think we have a leg up.  That also ties into disparities.”

Education: “We have an independent school board. [However], I work closely with the school board on education.  I view education is a community issue, not just confined within the classroom.  Support for families for instance, kids can focus in the classroom, if there is stability at home.  Whether that is parents have multiple jobs to make ends meet, instability around food or around housing, that is going to be the number one thing that distracts youth in the classroom.  I also think it is important for the community to step up too.”




NOVEMBER 2, 2021