WARDS 1-13

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Erica Mauter - Ward 11

Age: 39

Race: African American/ Mixed Race

Family: Wife, Missy, and 2 dogs, Peanut Louise and Florence, Sister Missy

Career: Executive Director for Twin Cities Women Choir and Twin Cities Girls’ Choir; Former Chemical Engineer

Education: Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from St. Catherine University. BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan

Hobbies: MN Lynx Games season ticket holder; runner

Platform: Minneapolis should be affordable and accessible to all its residents; It should be a sanctuary in every sense of the word for all its residents. 


Police Acct: “We have a culture of police violence that has to change.  I think we need to think beyond policing when we think public safety.  We need to think about, what are other ways that we can create public safety, that don’t rely on the police.”

Jobs for POC: “Everyone deserves to make a living wage.  I support the $15 minimum wage and jobs that pay a living wage and making sure that access to that for people of color and indigenous folks is one tool that we have, to close our persistent equity gaps.”

Education: “We need to do everything we can for children and families outside of school so that they are healthy, well fed, [have stable housing], so that they can bring their best selves into the school.”

Jeremy Schroeder - Ward 11

John Quincy - Ward 11




NOVEMBER 2, 2021