WARDS 1-13

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John Hayden - Ward 1

Jillia Pessenda - Ward 1


Race: Caucasian

Family: Partner Monica Meyer and Dog Romeo

Career: Institute of Agriculture

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance

Hobbies: Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council; Occupy Home Land Stewardship Project; Reading and Writing

Platform: Fighting for Working Families; Keeping Ward 1 an affordable place to live; Invest in our neighborhoods (environment); Eliminate racial disparities-community safety for all; Help small businesses survive; Build trust and accountability


Police Acct:  The City of Minneapolis Police Department needs more accountability and more transparency. We also need to support the people most impacted by racially discriminatory policing and police violence in building a Beyond Policing agenda that re-imagines community safety from the inside out, and under the leadership of the communities that have been most devastated by our current practices. I would have met with the community. 

Jobs for POC: Workers of color, particularly women of color are disproportionately paid the minimum wage and have jobs without secure scheduling. I support raising the minumum wage to $15 an hour and passing a secure scheduling ordinance that gives workers schedules they can depend on. 

Education: n/a

Kevin Reich - Ward 1

Age: 50

Race: Caucasian

Family: Partner and One Daughter

Career: Current Incumbent

Education: Bachelor in Philosophy and Asian Studies; Some graduate level work in Public Administration 

Hobbies: Walking the Dog and looking at the neighborhood; Reading

Platform: “Making sure Northeast is not too Northeast.  My whole goal is getting the resources to the concentrated area of poverty and people of color and to make sure they have the resources to make their community safe and thriving.” 


Police Acct: “We must have as much transparent and checks and balances as possible.  I think we need to increase our efforts around de-escalating training and implicit bias training.  I think we have made good strides, but I think we make it more central to our effort and not an extra.

Jobs for POC: “That is something that I think the city has made some really good strides.  We now have an employment pipeline in schools, making people aware of jobs, whether it be a fireman or a pipe fitter.  We that interest we are getting people into trainings and apprenticeships.  We have also broke down many barriers to being able to get these jobs”  

Education: “I am a big believer that every community deserves not only a good public school, but a desired and excellent public school.”




NOVEMBER 2, 2021