Nekima Levy-Pounds - Mayor

Age: 41

Race: African-American

Family: Married with children

Career: Civil Right Lawyer and Consultant

Education: Bachelor Degree and Juris Doctorate Degree

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Activism, Writing Poetry

Platform: Economic Justice, Police Reform, Environmental Justice, Affordable Housing, 15Now, Equity in public education, equity for LGBTQ

Police Acct: “I am a huge proponent of police reform accountability.  I have been on the front lines for a number of years, advocating for putting an end to police violence and police brutality.  Also pushing for a stronger community police model in the city of Minneapolis.  I want to our police department turn into a world-class police department.” 

Jobs for POC: “We have one of the worst rates of disparity in the nation, as far as unemployment rates and poverty rates facing African-Americans and other people of color in the Twin Cities. So, it is imperative that we find more equitable hiring practices.  That means that the city needs to look at its hiring practices and encourage corporations and businesses to do the same.  We also need to create strategies that help young people go from K through 12 educations and either into college or into a career.”


Education: “I have been an advocate for a high-quality education for children overall, but more specifically for children of color and children with special needs.  I have routinely written about the issues of inequity in our public education system.  I believe that by improving the quality of education within our most underserved communities that we will improve the quality of life for everyone in the city.” 

Aswar Rahman - Mayor

Betsy Hodges - Mayor

Raymond Dehn - Mayor


Captain Jack Sparrow - Mayor

Jacob Frey - Mayor

Age: 36

Race: Caucasian

Family: I got married to my lovely wife Sarah last summer.

Career: City Council Member (Ward 3)

Hobbies:  I used to be a professional runner, including running for Team USA. While I think I’m definitely past my peak, I still love to run when I have some free time.


Education: Graduated from Willam and Mary College and then Villanova Law School

Police Acct: One of the main reasons I decided to run for mayor is because I was frustrated that our police department’s failures have put Minneapolis in the news for all the worst reasons and because they mayor’s office has exclusive control of the police. Over the last four years, we have seen MPD leadership reject key reforms but we haven’t seen action from the mayor’s office intervene. Key reforms that I want to implement to make the police more accountable to the communities they are supposed to serve include: reforming the use of force policy to restrict when officers are allowed to use deadly force, creating a presumption of misconduct if police officers do not turn on their body cameras, narrowing officers’ beats so that we can have true community policing, and diversifying our police force to make it more representative. Repairing police community relations will take years, but this is where we need to start. 

Jobs for POC: I want to invest in economic development and growth in North Minneapolis neighborhoods to provide opportunities and jobs, especially for people of color. The mayor should be proactive in recruiting businesses and showcasing the value that North Minneapolis has to offer them and connecting them with the support they need to get their start. We also need to do more to support locally owned businesses so that entrepreneurs of color can flourish and create opportunities. Finally, we also need to do more to make positive public realm improvements, like outdoor recreation for children, improved parks and green space, and connecting transit access to North Minneapolis. When we connect and improve upon neighborhoods instead of neglecting them, jobs will follow.


Education: I received a fantastic education in public schools. Every student in Minneapolis should have a right to that kind of high quality public education, but all too often many of our students, especially on the Northside, are denied the kind of privilege that I benefited from. The mayor of Minneapolis doesn’t have direct authority over the school board, but I intend to resume collaboration with our school system that has lapsed in recent years so that we can pursue opportunities for students including summer jobs, vocational training, and making sure teachers and parents have the resources their students and classrooms need to succeed regardless of what part of the city they live in. Additionally, I want to work against discriminatory policies that have segregated Minneapolis neighborhoods by race and income, because disparities in our schools will remain until we address this root cause.d classrooms need to succeed regardless of what part of the city they live in. Additionally, I want to work against discriminatory policies that have segregated Minneapolis neighborhoods by race and income, because disparities in our schools will remain until we address this root cause.


Al Flowers - Mayor

Troy Benjegerdes - Mayor


Tom Hoch - Mayor

Age: 62

Race: Caucasian

Family: Married to Mark Addicks; daughter Chris and son John

Career: Former Deputy Executive Director for the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority; Former CEO and Founder of Hennepin Theatre Trust; former Minneapolis Public School teacher

Hobbies: Biking; Gardening; Arts and Culture


Education: Washburn High School; University of Minnesota; St. Cloud State University, Hamline University School of Law; Harvard University JFK School Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government (Bush Leadership Fellow)

Platform: Affordable Housing, Public Safety, Jobs

Police Acct: Tom’s top priority is a top-to- bottom review of the Minneapolis Police Department. He believes we need to closely examine training and recruitment practices with a specific focus on critical incidents and implicit bias as well as civilian oversight of the MPD. Tom also supports the implementation of peer-to- peer intervention policies that have reduced incidents of police misconduct by substantial margins in New Orleans.

Jobs for POC: Tom believes that Minneapolis should design the economy it wants rather than settling for the economy it gets. This means that we need a plan for a fully inclusive prosperity for all residents. Specifically, for people of color we need to increase access to capital for entrepreneurs, ensure that our workforce is fully prepared for the jobs available, and that everyone has access to quality secondary and post-secondary education. Tom also believes that we need to curb violence in our neighborhoods to spur the necessary investment for success.


Education: The City of Minneapolis has an independently elected school board and it is not the job of the mayor to set education policy. However, that should never be used as an excuse for our leaders to avoid their responsibilities to our children. The mayor’s job is to ensure that every child shows
up toe school ready to learn. That means that they have safe and stable housing, food security, and that their family has the resources to make choices about where and how they live. The main tenants of Tom’s platform – jobs, safety, and affordable housing – all affect educational outcomes, especially in communities of color. Tom will also commit to meeting regularly with both the superintendent and the school board to guarantee progress is being made and is exploring ways to change the “value proposition” for Minneapolis Public Schools in order attract more students while improving overall outcomes for every student.





NOVEMBER 3, 2020